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A woman with a mission. 

I struggled with body image issues since I was in elementary school. Confused, judgmental, and angry, I developed a deep depression which led to eating disorders in high school. I went through many “diet” phases, unhealthy workout plans, and not being able to reach out for help. It took me many years to start nurturing my self-confidence, patience and finding inspiration in the women I surrounded myself with, I was able to see myself in a positive light.

I learned to establish a sustainable relationship with food and fitness by focusing on my body as a whole. By embracing my spirituality and using the tools of crystals and nature, I discovered a way to manifest a deeper sense of self.

I didn't have somewhere to turn to when I was younger, all I had where magazines that sold lifestyles and ideals that were unattainable. I desired a place of love, ambition, and sincerity.

I took it into my own hands and created EcoFitYogi. A space for women and girls to go where modern issues are discussed with honesty, amazing women share their stories, and a healthy lifestyle becomes achievable.

I get up every morning knowing that what I publish has the power to inspire someone, to get them thinking, and to me that is beautiful

Empower the Self
— EcoFitYogi

Empower the Self


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Find love within yourself today. Feel its warmth and embrace it. Crown yourself worthy of its affection.
— EcoFitYogi