Empowering women & girls with honest advice and inspiring stories. Balancing yoga and the written word to strengthen mindfulness and cultivate self-love.


Logo Meaning

The woman growing from the tree encompasses the energy of growth and the infinite connection to ones self. The roots represent the past, the trunk the present, and the branches the future. Lavender is the symbol of love, healing, and intuition. The color palate is simple, calming, and reminds one to breathe.


 EcoFitYogi is the collaboration and balance of being kind (eco), active (fit), and mindful (yogi)

The Core to EcoFitYogi is the awareness and understanding that our being is a collection of self.

(Self) Love, (Self) Care, (Self) Worth, (Self) Respect, (Self) Acceptance


Mantras: A statement that inspires. 

Sustainable Goals:  Intentions with roots.

Healthy Eating: Our connection to the earth.

Open Mind & Heart: Where growth really happens. 

Strength:  The power of being a woman.

Breath: The center of everything.